Amy Carter – Academic Director/Agile Learning Facilitator

Amy has over 10 years’ experience working with children, and finds great joy in watching childrens’ natural passions unfold and take form through self-discovery. The experience of working at Wilmington Cooperative School has taken Amy, a former public school educator, on a personal journey of unschooling, learning trust, and gaining the tools needed to facilitate the natural growth and autonomy of children as according to their own needs and goals. Amy is a loving mother who brings the warmth and gentleness that she would hope for her own children to experience in any setting to the school, and is a proponent of Conscious Discipline, and thoughtful communication with both children and adults. She strives to utilize Agile Tools to build a community at WCS for social justice, equity, and support for families of all kind. Her passions include singing, acting, and dancing (especially in community theatre and musical groups locally), and incorporating these elements into her offerings and interactions with children both at WCS, and in the community. She is inspired by the creativity and depth the students at WCS have introduced her to, and extremely grateful for the sense of community support that the school brings to her life, and the lives of all the members of the co-op.

Laurel Herbert – Agile Learning Facilitator

Laurel is a professional potter and fiber artist by trade and has been teaching creative arts programming independently for nearly 20 years.  She is an all around facilitator of creativity who loves working with children in nature through the arts. She lives by the motto “What Catches the Eye, Inspires the Hand”.  Laurel has a BA in studio art from UNCW. She is a trained ALF (Agile Learning Facilitator) and loves to engage with children in intuitive and out of the box ways calling on her years of experience with teaching outreach programs and homeschooling her own children.   She has been actively engaging the community at large in alternative education initiatives for several years and is excited to join forces with the Wilmington Cooperative School.

Courtney Matheson – Board of Directors

Courtney transplanted to Wilmington, NC from Brooklyn, NY in 2004. She is a personal Chef and owner of Delish NC. She doubles as a tour guide for Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours (which she says is the most fun job EVER). Most importantly, she is mother of Hendrix Lee Matheson and an original founder of Wilmington Cooperative School. She loves to eat for health, run, garden and tortuously raise funds for several projects simultaneously. Courtney’s current role at WCS is the fundraising chair, as well as assisting in day-to-day operations. She is absolutely the hunter/gatherer of the group, and as a Tuscarora Indian, she feels it’s quite fitting!

Kini Johnson – Board of Directors

Kini’s desire to provide an alternative education style for her daughter (Evelyn, who joined us earth side in Feb 2011) was immediate; stemming from 10+ yrs experience working in child development/school settings in our local area and taking in that children do not all flow in a traditional setting.  She has been in Wilmington since 2001 and her husband Robert was raised here.  She has degrees and certifications in Early Childhood Education B-12 yrs, Occupational Therapy, and Business Management (along the way taking courses in related areas playground safety, nutrition and health, parent communication, classroom development, and so on) and is looking forward to being able to share what she know in a variety of ways.  She is here to help with all questions regarding enrollment and to ensure that families know what to expect when entering a cooperative learning environment with such educational values. While maintaining the student’s files and necessary membership paperwork, she also encourages new families to feel empowered by the change we are making as we develop this learning environment within our city.