“I had always worried that my kids would be like me and hate school so much that they’d grow to be resentful at being forced to go and thereby leave so much learning ‘on the table.’ Our son has been here since the beginning and is always so excited to go that we asks why it has to be closed on weekends.

What he is very interested in right now is not something that would be encouraged at this point in his learning in almost any other ed environment because it doesn’t fit in a first grade curriculum but here it is encouraged and also fed. This will help him by encouraging his intellectual curiosity and help him on a path to lifelong self directed learning.

To the moms who dreamed this school up and created it, thank you.”

Tim Ellis

“WCS is exactly the self-directed learning community I have sought for my family for many years. The shared responsibility amongst the parents and educators is remarkable, in and of itself, but the environment it fosters for my children to grow and learn through social play is truly invaluable. WCS is an ecosystem that adapts and evolves according to the needs and pure, innate desires of its student members. I am honored and grateful to be a part of this cooperative, which lives up to and exceeds its designation in so many ways.”

Sara Moore

“WCS has been a fantastic place for my kids (and for me!) to learn and grow in a supportive community. My kids are really thriving. The self directed, social, hands-on learning environment challenges them to grow and develop the soft skills and mindset that I consider essential to their success and happiness throughout their lives. They come home each day covered in mud and talking about the things they built, experiments, games, music, activities, and more. I absolutely love that they get to experience learning joyfully and without pressure.”

Angie Fairchild